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Can I use pictures from your website on my personal homepage?

Our characters and images are copyrighted and we cannot give permission to use them on personal homepages.

I saw an item on the Internet a while back, but now it’s gone. Can I still order it?

If the item is no longer in our online store, that means we are sold out or don't carry it right now. Try your nearest Sanrio store as they may have the item there.

Your website changed, and now I cannot access my hellokitty.com mail. How can I check my email?

Click here to check your Hello Kitty email or go to www.sanriotown.com

I have a Sanrio Gift Card I purchased in store or received as a physical card, how do I check my balance?

Click here to check your Sanrio Gift Card balance.

I have a Sanrio e-Gift Card I bought online or received through email, how do I check my balance?

Click here to check your Sanrio e-Gift Card balance.

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Posting on Sanrio.com

What are your rules on posting messages and/or comments on Sanrio.com?

We welcome our fans to post messages and thoughts on Sanrio.com, but kindly ask that all user comments abide by the posting guidelines below. Please note that any comments or posts may be removed at the sole discretion of Sanrio.com. Thanks so much for your understanding!

- Please do not post any content that may be considered offensive, controversial or inappropriate to Sanrio.com or its visitors in any manner.

- Please do not include images or references of any activity that may be considered unlawful or inappropriate to Sanrio.com.

- Please do not include business advertising.

- Please do not include content that may violate the integrity or reputation of Sanrio, Sanrio Intellectual Properties or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates.

- Please do not include content that may cause legal liability to Sanrio or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates.


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How can I become part of the Sanrio team?

Click here for current job openings.

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Why can't I find products for a certain character?

That character may not be in the current product line. Some characters are introduced and become popular instantly. We've created hundreds of characters in our 40-plus year history. Older characters are often removed from the product line to make way for new characters and promotions. No character, however, is ever really discontinued. If there’s enough demand, they may come back!

Can I use your characters on my homepage?

Our characters are copyrighted and we cannot give permission to use them on personal homepages. We hope to provide artwork of that nature in the future.

Can you email me a picture of a character?

Sorry, we don’t offer that service.

I have an idea for a character. Can I send it to you?

Unfortunately, we can't accept submissions from outside the company.

Why doesn't Hello Kitty have a mouth?

Hello Kitty speaks from her heart. She’s Sanrio's ambassador to the world and isn't bound to any particular language.

Do you have any new characters coming out soon?

New characters are always being created. Keep checking our website to see what’s new!

What is Puroland and how can I get tickets?

Sanrio Puroland is our all-indoor theme park located in Tama City, Tokyo. Click here for more information.

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Doing business with Sanrio

I'm interested in owning and operating a Sanrio boutique.

If you're interested in owning and operating a Sanrio boutique, click here for more information.

I’m interested in carrying a product in a store or stores I currently operate.

If you’re interested in carrying Sanrio products in a store or chain of stores you own or manage, click here for more information.

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I’m looking for an item/design that I remember from the past. Do you still carry it?

Our product line is constantly changing, thus making it difficult to get items that are older, as they’re no longer available. Check your nearest Sanrio store to see if they still have quantities available. Also, try your favorite online auction sites, as someone may offer the item you’re looking for.

The product I’m looking for is not in Sanrio.com. Can I still buy it online?

At this time, the only products we have available are the ones found at http://www.sanrio.com/.

I live outside the U.S and want to buy something from your online store. Can I?

Sorry, we don’t ship outside of the U.S, its territories, or Canada at this time.

If I want to buy large quantities of a certain item, can I get it wholesale?

Only customers wishing to buy products to sell in an existing store may purchase wholesale.

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Retail Stores

How do I find stores in my area or outside the U.S.?

Click here to find Sanrio stores and retailers within the US, Canada, and Latin America.

There is a problem with an item I bought at a retail store. What do I do?

You'll need to contact the store where you got it from for returns or exchanges.

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Our Company

Where can I find information about Sanrio?

Click here to learn more about Sanrio the company.

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Sanrio in the News

Where can I find News about Sanrio?

Click here for the latest on what’s happening at Sanrio.

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Consumer Product Safety Commission Certificate of Compliance

How can I obtain a CPSC Certificate of Compliance for a product?

Click here to visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission Certification of Compliance and Tracking Label information page to obtain the CPSC Certificate of Compliance for a product and/or for more details.

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Colorado Sales and Use Tax Obligations

What is the Colorado Sales and Use Tax Reporting and Payment Obligations?

Beginning March 1, 2010, out-of-state retailers not collecting Colorado sales tax must notify their customers of their sales and use tax reporting and payment obligations. Please see below for information provided by the Colorado Department of Revenue or visit www.taxcolorado.com.

i. Sanrio.com is not obligated, and does not, collect Colorado sales tax;

ii. Your purchase is subject to Colorado sales tax unless it is specifically exempt from taxation;

iii. Your purchase is not exempt merely because it is made over the Internet or by other remote means;

iv. The State of Colorado requires that you, the taxpayer, file a sales/use tax return at the end of the year reporting all of the purchases that were not taxed and pay tax on those purchases;

v. Sanrio.com will provide you, the purchaser, an end-of-year summary of purchases in order to assist you in filing your tax report;

vi. Details of how to file this return may be found at the Colorado Department of Revenue's website, www.taxcolorado.com;

vii. Sanrio.com is required by law to provide the Colorado Department of Revenue with a report of the total amount of all of your purchases at the end of the year.


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