Hello Kitty Double Charm Pendant Crystals: Red Bow

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Cherish this lovely Hello Kitty Enamel and Crystal Pave... more details

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Cherish this lovely Hello Kitty Enamel and Crystal Pave Double Charm Pendant. These pendants features Hello Kitty's face with crystal pave setting, red enamel bow, black enamel eyes, and GOLD plated nose, plus another enamel bow charm.


- .39"H x .59"W Hello Kitty's Face
- .10"H x .39"W Hello Kitty's Bow charm
- 18" chain
- Crystal pave setting in face
- Enamel face, bow, and eyes
- Gold Plated nose


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Reviewed on Sunday, September 15, 2013

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars.

Cute & Sparkly

The Hello Kitty pendant itself is very tiny, about the size of you index fingernail. However it has very beautiful sparkle to it in any lighting. The Hello Kitty pendant can come off the chain but the bow charm cannot. It's adjustable with 3 possible hooks. Oh and the entire set is made of sterling silver. I really love this necklace and I get lots of compliments on it daily.