Gudetama Eggnog



Eggnog is a traditional holiday creamy dairy-based beverage made with milk, cream, sugar, whipped egg whites, and eggs yolks (which gives it a frothy texture and its name). Served chilled with cinnamon and nutmeg, eggnog is often homemade. Here’s an easy recipe inspired by Gudetama…


1.     Go to nearest grocery store

2.     Find eggnog in dairy section

3.     Purchase and return home

4.     Open eggnog

5.      Pour into cup

6.     Enjoy!

If you’re feeling extra ambitious after all this hard work, click here to download these Gudetama drink stencils and garnish your drink with gude tidings. Your delicious drink meh thank you…

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  • Jem S

    Buta and Tabby sound like good characters. I'll write a little dialogue: B-let's go pickniquing T-I'll bring the food B-nah, let's bring chalk and draw the food on the sidewalk of the park T-oh it was the notion or the idea B-i have white-we'll have lots of milk ~Jem S

  • Naomie R

    Why didn't I see this coming?

  • Jessica B

    ...but there isn't any egg nog at the stores because it's not Christmas. Come on, Gudetama. Stop being lazy and make a recipe so I can enjoy you!