Sanrio Friend of the Month: Aggretsuko

Have you met the Sanrio Friend of the Month for July, Aggretsuko? She’s a single, 25 year old red panda. Yet despite her cute appearance, something deep within her is filled with rage. Here’s more!


  • is a cute red panda
  • works as an office associate in an accounting department
  • has unsympathetic bosses who push her to the limit
  • takes out her frustration with heavy metal karaoke sessions

Aggretsuko has always dreamed of working in this field, especially in the part of Tokyo where her office is located. But she didn’t think it would be like this! Meet her colleagues: 

Director Ton:

His violent mood swings keep everyone that works for him walking on eggshells; it’s his way or the highway!

Manager Buffalo:

His sloppy time management skills mean that work is always last minute. Despite this, he always leaves the office promptly at 5 pm and expects his employees to pick up the slack as deadlines approach.

Chief Komiya:

Is sarcastic, with a fervent desire to climb the corporate ladder. This means he always obeys his superiors and snatches the limelight from those beneath him. His presentations are half-baked and reek of incompetence.


She’s a jaded, older woman that has something cynical to say about everything. When peeved, she hysterically throws documents around the office but turns on the feminine charm around men.


Her personality really isn’t that bad, but her booming voice can be really annoying to those around her. Sometimes her enthusiastic reactions do not befit her age and she shakes the entire company building.

However, Aggretsuko has managed to make some friends at the office! Meet her friends:

Director Gori:

This female director of marketing is talented and hardworking. She is a daunting figure on the outside, but is surprisingly delicate on the inside and often finds it hard to say what is on her mind. She dresses in cool, conservative fashion, but comments about her physical appearance hurt and she frequently cries herself to sleep at night. 


She’s the talented and beautiful secretary of the President that has a knack for being able to meet all of his needs. However, she is feed up with his mental weakness and the way he treats people. She is cool under pressure at work, but will ‘let her feathers down’ when it comes to the opposite sex. On dates, she uses her long legs to wow potential suitors, even though she soon tires of them and her relationships are inevitably short-lived.


She entered the company at the same time as Aggretsuko and the two vent to each other about the angst they feel towards their bosses. While they get along on the surface, Aggretsuko believes that Fennkenko is a frenemy that talks about her behind her back. This fox can be difficult, but she is nowhere near as bad as Aggretsuko believes.


A highly motivated newbie at the office that uses her doe-like eyes to coyly capture hearts. She is obsessed with hashtags and good coffee. Her cell phone is full of pictures herself, herself, herself, a latte, herself, her shoes... and more selfies. 

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