Sanrio x Energy Bistro & Karaoke

Are you ready to rock with Hello Kitty and your Sanrio friends? Sanrio is teaming up with Hacienda Heights, California based Energy Bistro & Karaoke for a two-year food and karaoke experience. This duet sounds like music to our ears!


Kicking off this holiday season on December 13, 2017, Hello Kitty and Sanrio friends Gudetama and Aggretsuko will be featured at the popular San Gabriel Valley-based karaoke destination with a selection of specially themed Sanrio karaoke rooms and a supercute menu of character-branded food and dessert items available for purchase at the venue’s bistro.


Here’s the breakdown of the rooms and the rates:


Hello Kitty (Starry Room)

$5 per person, minimum 18 people, 2 hours required




$5 per person, minimum 12 people, 2 hours required




$5 per person, minimum 6 people, 2 hours required



Hello Kitty (Classic Room)

$5 per person, minimum 6 people, 2 hours required



Belting out your favorite tunes is bound to work up an appetite! Here’s a sampling of the Sanrio-themed food and dessert items that will be available at Energy Bistro & Karaoke:


Hello Kitty Okonomiyaki Hot Dog ($19) – Sausage served in a full hot dog with stamped Hello Kitty bun wrapped in okonomiyaki pancake, topped with bonito, aonori, mayo & okonomi sauce, served with a side of fried tofu


Aggretsuko Mini Rage Burger ($19) – Brioche, angus beef, shredded lettuce, tomato, pickles, melted American cheese, thousand island, ketchup & mayo served with
 garlic fries & pickles



Gudetama Lazy Waffle Sandwich ($19) – Open-faced toasted waffle, honey ham, sunny-side egg, lettuce, tomato, maple syrup sweet potato tots with melted cheese



Hello Kitty & Mimmy Waffle & Ice Cream ($9) – Mini Belgian Waffles, seasonal fruits, vanilla ice cream or matcha ice cream with whipped cream & chocolate sauce


Hello Kitty Baked Ube & Ice Cream ($9) – Baked ube (purple yam), seasonal fruits, vanilla ice cream & condensed milk

Each item on the menu will include a free drink (iced tea or iced lemonade) and a Sanrio x Energy Bistro & Karaoke button set.


The Sanrio x Energy Bistro & Karaoke menu will be served throughout the venue, including the Sanrio themed rooms, non-themed rooms, in addition to the main bistro space, allowing everyone to enjoy the menu offerings and dine in comfort within all the karaoke rooms.

Energy Bistro & Karaoke will also sell limited-edition co-branded merchandise including t-shirts and the button set as well as a curated selection of Sanrio products during the course of the two-year partnership.

Initially launching at the Hacienda Heights location, Sanrio and Energy Bistro & Karaoke will also debut additional Sanrio-themed karaoke rooms at the Alhambra location in early 2018.

Energy Bistro & Karaoke is located at 2020 S Hacienda Blvd, Hacienda Heights, CA 91745.


Reservations open on December 13th! Book your karaoke reservation online at