Captain Willy

  • Name : Captain Willy

Captain Willy is a sailor from Napoli who spends his days sailing the seven seas with his trademark beard and pipe. He has a heart as big as the ocean, to go with his dapper fashion sense. Never apart from his trusty white dog, he's a hit with the birds and cats that inhabit the ports he visits. Of all the ports Captain Willy has visited, Yokohama is his favorite!


Presso is a little boy white colored dog. He loves Captain Willy very much and never leaves his side.


Cielo is the big sister of Vento, and lives on the harbor in Yokohama. She loves to gossip and always has the latest news.


Vento is the little brother of Cielo, and lives on the harbor in Yokohama. He is a quiet lad who gets ordered around by his sister.