Patty & Jimmy

  • Name : Patty & Jimmy
  • Birthday : February 5th and July 30th

Patty & Jimmy are a cute little couple from Kansas City. Patty's Birthday is February 5th. She enjoys tennis, skating, baseball, and really any sport is OK with her! Patty is really good at both batting and pitching, however she is not too fond of studying. She is bright, cheerful, optimistic, and a little clumsy! Jimmy is a kind and gentle boy born on July 30th. He enjoys studying, chess, and card games. Jimmy excels at chess, he's the best in his class. However he’s not so interested in sports, and often loses to Patty when they play together.


Billy is Patty and Jimmy's friend.


Dora is Patty and Jimmy's friend.


Fuzzy is Patty and Jimmy's friend