• Name : Corocorokuririn
  • Birthday : February 4

Corocorokuririn is sometimes a little timid but very curious golden hamster. You can always tell him by his favorite flower hat. He can chew on just about anything, but his favorite foods are cookies and sunflower seeds. He has a rare talent for crawling into tight spaces. Corocorokuririn's sweetheart is Sakura, who has a friendly nature and is currently on a diet. Between them they have 7 children: Chibikuri, Komachi, Kurumi, Cherry, Shingo, Miriku, and Chacha.


Sakura is Kuririn’s sweetheart. She is an unfussy and friendly lady hamster. She loves yummy food, especially boiled eggs. Her hobbies include talking walks and climbing up high (her best effort is on top of the TV). She has a special skill and can tell who is coming just from the sound of their footsteps.


Chibikuri is Kuririn’s son. He’s very similar to his Father. He is shy, very curious, and loves nothing more than to follow Kuririn around. His hobbies include building secret hideaways (the one in the bedroom chest is his current favorite). His special skills include playing hide and seek, in fact he ranks number one to search in tight spaces.


Komachi is Kuririn’s daughter. She’s babyish, a little timid, picky, and is quite formidable when angry. Her hobbies include spinning, especially in narrow spaces. Her skills include sudden bursts of speed!


Kurumi is Kuririn’s daughter. She’s tomboyish, cheeky, and often gets into sticky situations such as getting stuck up high or in tight gaps. Her hobbies include making beds out of newspaper. Her special skill is finding dropped change, (she has collected 65 yen so far).


Cherri is Kuririn’s daughter. She loves to eat, especially cherries. She generally takes it easy and is unfussy. She is very attached to the flower that she wears on her head. Her hobbies include hiding her food in hard to find places (so she can snack on them later). Her special skill is that she can fit three cherries in her mouth at once!


Shingo is Kuririn’s son. He is big, mischievous, and doesn’t sweat the small stuff. He is also a first rate mess-maker. His hobbies include using the running wheel, which he spends two hours a day on. He even just spins it from the outside too! His special skill is using his strength to balance things on his nose (his record is two coffee mugs).


Miriku is Kuririn’s daughter. She’s moody and acts very grown up. She has a thing for cleanliness, and grooms herself every day. She will fall asleep in your hand – if she feels like it. Her hobbies include collecting chewing toys (she has a collection that she’s very fond of). Her special skills include chewing various items into the shape of a heart or a flower.


Chacha is Kuririn’s son. He has fantastic reflexes, seems to know no fear and loves to go fast. He loves being the center of attention and can be a little cheeky. His hobbies include climbing on top of balls, pencils, etc., and then rolling them along. His special skill is doing handstands.


Jan is Kuririn’s friend. He is shy and can usually be found in a corner somewhere. He loves to nap, and his hobbies include climbing into the running wheel to eat or sleep! Sometimes he falls out when he’s too sleepy. His special skills include sleep through his alarm clock.


An is Kuririn’s friend. She is friendly and full of energy. She loves dried fish and can eat up to 5 in a flash. Her hobbies include running away; she can escape into the nearest nook as soon as she sees it. Her special skills include jumping down from high places. Her best is from the second shelf of a bookshelf.