• Name : Monkichi
  • Birthday : January 13

This monkey is crazy about puns. He has an upbeat disposition and is easygoing. Once he gets going there is no slowing him down. He also loves bananas and can eat 10 in one minute! Monkichi lives in the hills in the Japanese countryside with his Papa the pun-master, and his Mama, who can do amazing things in the kitchen. He dreams, perhaps surprisingly, of one day being a poet.


Monta likes to play it cool and cause mischief. He thinks he’s better than Monkichi – although he is like a little brother to Monkichi. He is the leader of the other little monkeys. He loves playing with Monkichi and his talent is a super speedy getaway after one of his pranks.


Momochan is the only girl of the group, and everyone’s idol. She is having a secret fling with Monta. Momochan likes anything stylish.


Daikichi is hot-blooded and thinks he’s good looking. He also loves to eat.


Uuken takes life at his own pace and doesn’t get worked up about things. He likes to lose himself in daydreams.


Chieo has an IQ of 200. He reads dictionaries in his free time, and has the ability to bend spoons with his mind.


Monsuke is absentminded and blindly optimistic. He doesn’t let his bungles get him down. His hobby is flower arranging.