• Name : DokidokiYummychums

Dokidoki Burger is always smiling and is every one's favorite! He comes in lots of flavors to keep you satisfied. He has a passionate warmth, and hates the cold. Don't forget to check out his yummy friends: every one's idol Dokidoki Fries with big round eyes, Dokidoki Shakes who is ever girl's favorite, and little baby Dokidoki Chicken-chums, always fresh and piping hot to put a smile on your face.

Dokidoki Fries

Dokidoki Fries is Dokidoki Burger's friend.

The Dokidoki Chicken Chums

The Dokidoki Chicken Chums are Dokidoki Burger's friends.

Dokidoki Hotdog

Dokidoki Hotdog is Dokidoki Burger's friend.

The Dokidoki Shakes

The Dokidoki Shakes; Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, and Banana, are Dokidoki Burger's friends.