• Name : Tenorikuma

The Tenorikumas are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. They work hard every day in the 'Tenorikuma Cafe', which is known all over town for serving amazing coffee. Latte is the hardest worker. He is saving up for his dream of opening his own cafe one day. Maple loves things to be nice and clean. She's the only girl at the cafe. Macchiato is mature and reliable, like a big brother. Frappe is a bit shy, but surprisingly strong. Chai brings the energy. Sometimes he gets a little too excited and makes a mistake, but it doesn't get him down.

Mr. Steam

Mr. Steam is a little ghost who appears whenever a hot drink is made. He pops his head up in all sorts of places, and disappears just as quickly.


Muddler is always ready for action at Latte’s side. But in fact Muddler doesn’t particularly like being stirred around too much!