• Name : Bonbonribbon
  • Birthday : August 8th

A pink rabbit with a big ribbon that is one of her most attractive points. She loves to be fashionable and is intent on being an accessory designer in the future--but right now she is completely focused on singing and dancing. Bonbonribbon was born on the 8th day of the 8th month. If you turn an "8" sideways it looks just like a ribbon--and Bonbonribbon just loves cute ribbons.


Roonroonlulu is the best and most energetic dancer on the team. She looks great dancing to any tune. She likes to look sharp, and while she wants to keep her figure, she loves to eat sweets. Her birthday is June 9, the numbers 6 and 9 – for the months June and September - look almost like notes on a sheet of music. This is the perfect birthday for Roonroonlulu, who has a great sense of rhythm!


Milkeemimi’s big eyes are her most stunning feature. She is rather young, but has a top-notch fashion sense. She looks up to Bonbonribbon as a big sister. Her birthday is October 10, Mikeemimi’s doe-like eyes are her favorite attribute! And when numbers 10 and 10 – for her birthday on the 10th day of October – are placed next to each other, they look just like her stunning, big eyes.


Lalalaflora is a nice and stylish girl. Bonbonribbon looks up to Lalalaflora and sees her as a role model. In the future, she aspires to be a prima donna ballerina. Her birthday is December 3, Lalalaflora is lavender in color and lavender also happens to be a birthday flower associated with December 3.