• Name : kirimichan.
  • Birthday : August 31st

A star in the sliced food world. Hello. I'm kirimichan. Your faithful mealtime partner! Be sure to grill me up nicely!


Wealthy and full of himself. Tai-kun has bright blue eyes…oh, wait – those are color contacts. He’s always boasting, but no one lends him an ear.


Buri-kun is cute for a boy, this cuteness helped by his nice eyelashes. Firmly in touch with his inner girl, he is a master of emoticons and loves cute things.


This stylish refined gent hails from Kyoto and loves to say okini – “thank you” in the Kansai dialect. Gindara-san looks out for his friends, but can also be cold as steel.


A thicker cut than the others and super nice. Saba-kun is usually laughing so his eyes are closed – still, you can hardly tell when he opens them. He is generally very gentle but when he gets angry he is known to say, "You best be careful unless you want to be sleeping with the fishes."


This chunk of pork has always looked up to Kirimi-chan, and used to worry about being a little different, but Rosu-chan enjoys life now since the realization that it doesn’t matter among friends.


A serious young man an unsung hero. Sawara-kun doesn’t like to stand out, instead watching over, protecting and helping Kirimi-chan from a distance.


Kamaboko-chan feigns innocence and loves to play up her cuteness. She also loves girl talk. While she puts on a bit of a cutesy act, she is basically good to those around her and liked by others.


At a glance Naruto-chan looks to be spacing out, but there is in fact lots going on inside her head. She doesn’t speak much, but thinks twice as much as the average person. She is good friends with Saba-kun.