Corocorokuririn Plush Set (Coro Family)

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This is too cute! Corcorokuririn sits next to his girlfriend, Sakura, and they each hold one of their children. Sakura holds their son, Chibikuri, who wears a flower hat just like his dad. Corocorokuririn holds their daughter, Cherry, who also wears a sakura blossom just like her mom. Aren't they the cutest family ever?

The Coro Family series is a small capsule of products featuring Corocorokuririn, a curious golden hamster boy. It also includes his girlfriend, Sakura, and their 7 children (Chibikuri, Komachi, Kurumi, Cherry, Shingo, Milk, and Chacha!)

‚ô° Part of the Coro Family series

‚ô° Set of 2

‚ô° Embroidered with felt detailing

‚ô° Approx. 6.5" tall