My Sweet Piano 2-Piece Pouch Set (Meringue Party Series)

Item#: 734918

“Welcome to my meringue party!” All are invited to My Sweet Piano’s delightfully dessert party! Did you know these light-as-air confections, are her fave? You’ll find these delicate peaks sprinkled throughout this fun series of plush and accessories - made for a sweets lover like you!

Those signature blue bows - they surely belong to My Sweet Piano! This adorable set of pouches is a wonderful way to stay organized and show your love for My Melody’s bestie. Organization can be neat!

♡ Meringue zip charm

♡ Set of two pouches, fastener loop 

♡ Approx. Large pouch: 9 x 8, Small pouch: 6 x 4.5”