Strawberry King FiGPiN #894 Classic Strawberry King

Item#: 679623

Add to your pin collection with Strawberry King! Encased in a clear display box, you can keep them on a shelf for display or wear them like your favorite accessory. Each one has a unique alphanumeric serial number, making each one uniquely yours.  

Strawberry King rules over a beautiful, peaceful land. He spends much of his time thinking about how to nurture friendship and peace, and is often found giving advice to others on such matters. Assisting this ruby red ruler with his daily roster are seven Strawberry Angel assistants: Dandy, Tommy, Tuffy, Candy, Socrates, Crybaby, Stinky.

♡ Limit 2 per Order

♡ Zinc alloy inlaid with enamel

♡ Finished with electroplated nickel

♡ Approx. 3" tall (Pin)

♡ Includes unique laser engraved, serial number on the back