The Crème Shop x Hello Kitty Y2K Angel Baby Eyeshadow Palette

Item#: 699241

Turn back the clocks and let's step into a time warp — The Crème Shop x Hello Kitty Y2K collection has arrived! With rich tones, ultra-pigmented colors and a handy mirror, you can take this "Angel Baby" palette from day to night in a flash. Plus limited edition Y2K artwork is sure to bring a smile every time you reach for a touch-up! 

The Crème Shop is a K-beauty brand with a long heritage of over 45 years! With their effective formulas and cute packaging, they've amassed a loyal following.

♡ 9 rich tones and shades 

♡ Hello Kitty Y2K 2023 character artwork

♡ Cruelty-Free & Vegan