Cinnamoroll and Friends JapanLA Spirit Jersey

Item#: 895199

This one's for all of Cinnamoroll's superfans! Curious about Cinnamoroll's friends? We got you! The one with a white patch around his mouth is Cappuccino. Espresso is very smart and has curly ears. Chiffon has fluffy ears and is full of energy. Mocha is the "big sister" of the bunch and wears flowers in her hair. That leaves Milk, the baby of the group, who loves copying Cinnamoroll. All he can say is "baboo" since he's a baby.

This Cinnamoroll & Friends JapanLA Spirit Jersey features a glittery light blue unisex Spirit Jersey top with puff printing of Cinnamoroll surrounded by pink and white stars on the front. On the upper back, Cinnamoroll’s name is printed in extra sparkly white diamond ice glitter puff with floating stars and sweet treats!

♡ 100% Cotton

♡ All-over glitter finish

♡ Glitter puff print text

♡ Unisex fit

*Note: Fabric is pre-shrunk 100% cotton jersey. Turn inside out and machine wash cold with a gentle cycle. Tumble dry low or air dry for best preservation of special finishes, graphics and print. 

Size Guide

Length (inches) 27.5 28.5 29.5 30 31 32
Hip (inches) 34-35.5 36-37.5 38-39.5 40-42.5 43-44.5 45-46
Chest (inches) 30-32 34-36 36-38 40-42 44-46 50-52