Cinnamoroll JapanLA Pin Clear Pocket Ita-bag

Item#: 592242

Ita-bags (translated as painful bags) are accessories with clear pockets designed to showcase pins, buttons, and other types of fandom merch. They're named for the "pain" inflicted on the bags by all of the pins attached to it!

The front of the Cinnamoroll JapanLA ita-bag is Cinnamoroll posing and showing off his cute cinnamon-roll shaped tail. The back compartment of the bag has a clear ITA pocket for you to hold your phone or to display your cute collectible pins, keychains, and more! The ita-pocket comes with a removable pin board.

‚ô° Removable pin board

‚ô° Clear "ita" pocket

‚ô° Removable shoulder strap 24-47" long

♡ Custom zipper pulls

‚ô° Detachable JapanLA charm

♡ Approx. 15.5" x 10" x 5"