Hello Kitty and Friends x Care Bears 2-Piece AirTag Cover Set

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Love, Friendship, and Kindness but make it a double! We have been longtime fans of both Sanrio and Care Bears because of their enduring messages about fostering acceptance and the power of community. So, we are thrilled to collaborate with both worlds on our latest Sonix x Care Bears + Hello Kitty and Friends Collection.

Our exclusive set of Care Bears + Hello Kitty and Friends Apple Airtag Cases is made with drop-test certification, antimicrobial materials, and a whole lot of cute nostalgia. Keep your possessions safe with an Airtag. Surround it with love and silver glitter here.

Since 2010, Sonix has dedicated themselves to being the best in tech by transforming tech accessories into unexpected cult favorites amongst fans, influencers, and celebrities alike. Originally the creator of cute and protective phone cases, Sonix continues to expand into categories for the everyday lifestyle that protect, assist, accessorize and beyond. 

 ♡ Set of 2 AirTag covers

♡ Includes detachable gold ring

♡ AirTag(s) are not included

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