My Melody & Kuromi Cubic Storage Containers (Set of 2)

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Introducing the My Melody & Kuromi Cubic Collection! Immerse yourself in the adorable world of My Melody and Kuromi with this charming assortment of cubic treasures. Each piece in this collection captures the essence of these beloved Sanrio characters, showcasing their iconic charm and kawaii appeal.

From cute keychains to delightful figurines, this collection is a must-have for every Sanrio fan. Embrace the magic of My Melody and Kuromi in cubic style, and let their whimsical personalities brighten up your day!

♡ ABS resin material

♡ Set of 2 storage containers (My Melody + Kuromi)

♡ Joint cubic collection case that connects both vertically and horizontally

♡ Each approx. 3.0 x 3.0 x 2.8"