Hello Kitty and Friends x Sonix Stickers Magnetic Wallet

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Join the Sanrio squad with a collage of adorable stickers featuring Hello Kitty and Friends! Our Magnetic Wallet let’s you bring the important things with you whether you’re out for a run, heading out with friends or getting those errands done in and efficient way without needing a full wallet.

The best thing about this 4 card carrying case? No commitment. Easy attach and remove as you please. Made from vegan leather, this chic accessory is a must have for every season on life.

Since 2010, Sonix has dedicated themselves to being the best in tech by transforming tech accessories into unexpected cult favorites amongst fans, influencers, and celebrities alike. Originally the creator of cute and protective phone cases, Sonix continues to expand into categories for the everyday lifestyle that protect, assist, accessorize and beyond. 

♡ Compatible with iPhones and other devices with MagSafe® technology

♡ Crafted from soft, 100% Vegan Leather

♡ Magnetic Wallet holds up to 4 cards at a time

♡ Easily attach your wallet to any MagSafe® compatible device or case, and simply slide off when ready to attach your phone to another MagSafe® Sonix charger, stand, ring, or power bank

♡ Compatible with iPhones and other devices with MagSafe® technology.

* iPhone and iPhone Case sold separately.