LittleTwinStars x Sonix Jelly Apple Watch Band

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Cheeky, fun, creative, and ambitious, the LittleTwinStars traveled to earth to learn how to make their stars shine brighter than any other light in the galaxy. So, what better way to mark time than with these timeless twins. The Sonix x LittleTwinStars Apple Watch Band brings the imagination that these stars represent right to your wrist.

Featuring Kiki and Lala riding the tail of a whimsical comet through a pink sky, the LittleTwinsStars wristband reminds us that there is always time to dream. With pastel stars and gold accents, fun and nostalgia move in across your wrist in an infinite circle.

Since 2010, Sonix has dedicated themselves to being the best in tech by transforming tech accessories into unexpected cult favorites amongst fans, influencers, and celebrities alike. Originally the creator of cute and protective phone cases, Sonix continues to expand into categories for the everyday lifestyle that protect, assist, accessorize and beyond. 

Like all Sonix tech products, the LittleTwinStars Jelly Apple Watch Band combines durability and safety with trend setting design:

♡ Crafted From Custom, High-Quality Antimicrobial Flexible Plastic

♡ Fits 38mm, 40mm and 41mm Watches

♡ Gold Plated Steel Buckle

♡ Gold Plated Magnetic Clasps Attach Securely to your Watch Face

♡ 8.125"L x 0.75"W