Tuxedosam Reversible Tote Bag (Sam's Candy Shop Series)

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“Welcome! How can we help you? This is Sam, Pam and Tam’s dream candy store!” Adorably decadent and delightfully sweet, this trio invites you to partake in all the sugar filled confections the shop has to offer - chocolate, popcorn, candy, gummies, cookies and so much more! 

A tote that can be worn two ways, one side features adorable Tuxedo-themed treats while the other side has a fun detail sewn onto the exterior. If you look closely you’ll see an itemized “receipt” and a kind salutation! 

♡ Reversible, cotton tote 

♡ Exterior “receipt” tag details

♡ Japan Original 

♡ Approx. 12 x 4 x 14”, handle drop 22”