Kuromi Glow-in-the-Dark Pumpkin Basket (Halloween 2022 Series)

Item#: 627682

Whether you use it as Halloween decor or to tote your candies in, these Pumpkin Baskets are the cutest! Inspired by jack-o-lanterns, each character's face glows in the dark for a spooky surprise.

Eeeek! We're losing our heads over these limited-edition Halloween 2022 exclusives! Hello Kitty and Friends are dressed this year as not-so-scary ghosts that actually glow-in-the-dark. Get ready for Kuromi's favorite night of the year (her birthday is on the 31st, if you didn't know!) and shop the Halloween 2022 collection.

♡ Part of the Halloween 2022 Series

♡ Glow-in-the-darkface

♡ Plush basket tote

♡ Approx. 7"