U*SA*HA*NA Letter Set (Memories Of Sanrio Series)

Item#: 672955

Usahana is a sprightly little girl bunny who loves summer and orange sherbet. With her long floppy ears and her bright blue eyes, she loves to show her happy dance to everyone. “Dancing, prancing, jumping and hopping, whirling and turning, never stopping” - such a fun way to be!

This letter set features multiple designs to help you write the perfect note, as well as a handful of stickers to seal the deal! 

♡ Includes:

  • Letter sheets (2 designs x 5 each, 10 total)
  • Envelopes standard size (10 total)
  • Cards (5 total)
  • Mini envelopes (5 total)
  • 10-ct sticker sheet

♡ Package approx. 6 x 9"