The Hello Kitty®
Visa® Platinum
Reward Card®

Enjoy the Benefits:

  1. Receive Visa Platinum benefits including online banking, auto rental, travel insurance, and much more1!

  2. Earn redeemable rewards points by shopping at participating retailers2.

  3. Earn a $50 discount for every 5000 points earned redeemable at

  4. Earn 2x the points when purchasing at

  5. Show your Hello Kitty support and pride by choosing one of our customized card designs.

  6. Have the security of fraud protection3 and 24/7 emergency customer service.

Already Have an Account?

  1. Make payments online (provide your bank account information)

  2. Schedule recurring payments online

  3. Receive and view statements online

  4. Download transaction history

  5. Track rewards points

1 See Cardholder Guide to Benefits for details.
2 See Rewards Program Rules for details.
3 Visa's Zero Liability Policy covers U.S.-issued cards and does not apply to certain commercial card transactions, or any transactions not processed by Visa. You must notify your financial institution immediately of any unauthorized use. For specific restrictions, limitations and other details, please consult your issuer.

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*Card Details:
Your Hello Kitty® Visa® Reward Card is issued by UMB Bank.
Sanrio, Inc. is not responsible for the issuance or management of this card