Merchandise Control Analyst


Merchandise Control Analyst : El Segundo, CA

Job Description/Duties

Under minimal supervision, relies on experience and judgment to plan and accomplish assigned tasks. Manages the import process of new product information from Tokyo and Hong Kong into the item master. Issues Purchase Orders. Responsible for uploading item information for prebook, preorder and SHK offers into the online ordering system including images. Works with E-Commerce, International Wholesale and Retail business units to procure and replenish product inventory by working with a multitude of Licensees. Maintains the Sanrio on-line ordering system presentation structure. Reviews donation requests and executes product selection. Oversees inventory management.

  • Item set up - responsible for new item setup process for all item types, Manages the downloading / importing process of new product information from Tokyo. Item Master involving formulation of UPC codes and careful analysis of data to determine wholesale price of goods by factoring in cost, product design and the balancing of profit margins
  • ITEM SET UP/MAINTANCE - Requests or assigns item numbers. Researches any items that may have a discrepancy.
  • INVENTORY CLASS MAINTENCE (REORDER ITEMS) - Maintains Sanrio on-line ordering system presentation structure to include monitoring catalog files and Inventory classes (ex. changing classes so items can be viewed online for reordering)
  • MASS COPY - Managing the standard costs for Sanrio inventory-performs the daily task of copying item costs from Store locations and warehouse locations (Distribution Center) to all Virtual Locations for all new Everyday, Seasonal, and Prebook products
  • Audit the variance report for cost discrepancies
  • Warranties - replacements
  • Domestic/import PO’s – supports our ecommerce, LA office business units, Japan & Hong offices in creating/issuing Purchase Orders to receive incoming shipments including drop shipments.
  • CREATE ASSORTMENTS - Create Assortments for Prebook. Preorder & SHK Offers items to enable issuance of Purchase orders & product releases
  • SHK Offers/Domestics Offers - online ordering (costs, images, dims, master cartons, materials. Submit final qty's)
  • Uploading SHK & Domestics Offers - template, images, email
  • PRODUCT IMAGE MAINTAINCE - Manages the posting & maintenance of product catalog images for Prebook, Preorder, SHK Offers & specialty product for on-line.
  • PREORDER CATALOG - Manages the monthly new Preorder product introduction process comprising of creation of the Preorder product catalogs to include all item details including product materials
  • PREORDER WARNING/AGE REQUIREMENTS (LABELS) - Manages the safety labeling process for monthly Preorder merchandise to include evaluation of each product for compliance with Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) safety labeling requirements, determining the appropriate safety labels & / or verbiage needed & providing printing & application instructions to responsible parties to complete the process before goods can be shipped to retailers & consumers
  • Prebook – item set up & Online set up
  • SHK offers/Prebook/Preorder/Domestic offers - warehouse checklist (costs, pcs/pk, upc#, descriptions)
  • Offers/Preorder chart - update
  • UPLOAD COC FILES - Maintains (all order types) Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) Tracking Label & Certification of Compliance system on Sanrio’s website to comply with Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Tracking Label requirements for use by U.S. Customs to facilitate importation of products or any parties requesting information on a product
  • COC – CONTACT PERSON - Sanrio’s main contact person listed on Certification of Compliance certificates available on Sanrio’s website responsible for reaching out to retrieve safety test lab reports upon request for use by U.S. Customs to facilitate smooth importation of the product & by retailers / customers
  • CA/PA REGISTRATION - Registers new / renews overseas manufacturers of “stuffed” cushions / toys with the State of California / Pennsylvania to obtain / retain Importer Licenses & Registry No.s to enable Sanrio to import these products for the U.S. market

College degree and 5+ years of related inventory control work experience. Demonstrated ability to take initiative and use judgment to problem-solve, prioritize, and handle numerous projects simultaneously with minimal supervision. Must be detail-oriented, a team player, possess excellent organizational skills with the ability to meet continuous deadlines for all projects. Must also possess excellent Microsoft Office skills (Windows, Word and Excel).

Send resume and salary requirements to:

Sanrio, Inc.
Attn: H.R. Department
Job Code: MCA-818
570 Eccles Ave.
South San Francisco, CA 94080
fax: 650.872.1077