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Meet The Two Ribbons
Welcome to Hello Kitty & Mimmy’s World!


Hello Sanrio!
Here's a look into the supercute world of hello sanrio!


Roll with Cinnamoroll
How do you Cinnamoroll?


Meet the Sanrio Pyconoru--supercute pals who love to hang!


See the original trailer that first introduced us to Aggretsuko.


Patty & Jimmy Foldable Note
Learn how to fold this adorable foldable note.


#HelloLakai Skate Sesh!
A super cool clip of Hello Kitty and friends at the skate park.


Behind the Scenes with TADO
See how TADO comes up with their creative thinking!



  • Eggs are yummy...boiled, baked or raw
  • There are many ways to make an egg, but eggs are so lazy (gude gude in Japanese)
  • Look closely and you will see the eggs that you eat lack spunk

gudetama: shock
Why only eggs over rice? Watch and see!


gudetama: millenials
Some interesting logic in food prep.


gudetama: fettuccine
All wrapped fun and fettuccine.


gudetama: sand bag
Rocky Balboa our Gudetama is definitely not.



  • Is a cute red panda working as an office associate in a Tokyo accounting department
  • Has always dreamed of working in this field, especially in this part of the city
  • Has unsympathetic bosses who give her harsh deadlines
  • When pushed to the limit, she takes out her anger and stress with death metal karaoke sessions

See the original trailer that first introduced us to Aggretsuko.


#RAGE like Aggretsuko
Introducing our friend, Linzey Rae, who will teach you how sing karaoke like Aggretsuko!


Aggretsuko on Netflix - Trailer!
Watch the trailer for Season 1 - now streaming on Netflix!


Aggretsuko x Chocolate Skateboards
RAGE sesh with pro stakers Kenny Anderson and Vincent Alvarez



  • An adorable white bear cub that is always wrapped in his favorite blanket
  • Has two plush best friends: Kanikama (the crab) and Gyoniku (the fish)
  • Is nicknamed "Moppu"

Meet Marumofubiyori
Meet our new friend, Marumofubiyori!


Marumofubiyori Vol. 1
Learn more about Marumofubiyori with facts & trivia


Marumofubiyori Vol. 2
Even more trivia and facts about Marumofubiyori


Marumofubiyori Vol. 3
Think you know it all? More facts and trivia!