Badtz-maru Reusable Tote Bag (Music Note Series)

Item#: 768448

 This reusable tote is so fun. The all-over Badtz-maru and Hana-maru design is finished with black piped edges. When you're not using it, you can store it in the tiny zipper pouch which doubles as an extra pocket for loose change and whatever else.

The Music Note series features Badtz-Maru with his best friend, Hana Maru the seal. Both wear backwards hat and Badtz wears a printed hoodie decorated with boomboxes, record players, and music notes. 🎶 

♡ Music Note Series

‚ô° Reusable and easy to clean

‚ô° Compact design with mini pouch

‚ô° Mini pouch has zipper closure