Cinnamoroll JapanLA Boba Kit Bundle

Item#: 599727

This JapanLA bundle includes a boxed boba kit and a reusable Cinnamoroll tumbler to create your own Butterfly Pea Milk Tea  with boba right at home! Easy to make and delicious to drink, the set features Cinnamoroll's 20th Anniversary artwork. With enough for four servings, you can invite your friends over for a super cute and super sweet bev~

‚ô° Bundle includes:

  • Cinnamoroll tumbler
  • Pack of brown sugar
  • Pack of Butterfly Pea tea leaves
  • Cinnamon
  • Tapioca pearls
  • Three straws

♡ Double-walled tumbler; Measures 4" wide x 7.5" tall, 20oz capacity (BPA Free)

‚ô° Holographic confetti design

‚ô° Reusable big straw for pearls