Cinnamoroll JapanLA Reusable Tumbler

    Item#: 599735


    Bring your favorite bev in the car, on the bus, or wherever else! The Cinnamoroll Reusable Tumbler from JapanLA includes a double-walled design to prevent sweating (ew!) and has holographic confetti throughout. The artwork celebrates Cinnamoroll's 20th anniversary in 2022 with a little winged crown. If you opt to remove the boba-sized straw, you can use the stopper to prevent any future spills!

    ♡ Cinnamoroll 20th Anniversary artwork

    ♡ Reusable, double-walled design

    ♡ Large "boba-sized" straw

    ♡ Lid includes stopper

    Measures 4" wide x 7.5" tall, 20oz capacity

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