East/West Sashiko Sewing Supply Kit

    Item#: 322652

    This kit has all you need to start sashiko mending! This kit includes a set of needles, thimble, black, white and red sashiko threads as well as a how to page. A must have if you are getting one of the mending patches - this will give you all the supplies you need. Shipped in a cute little Hello Kitty Recycling Club pouch to keep it all together! Character patches sold separately.

    - Cotton Pouch
    - 1 - set Olympus Sashiko Needles
    - 1 - leather Olympus Sashko Thimble
    - 1 - Olympus Sashiko Thread - Black
    - 1 - Olympus Sashiko Thread - Red
    - 1 - Olympus Sashiko Thread - White
    - * All Olympush products are Made in Japan
    - 1 Instructional pamphlet

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