Gudetama Tamagotchi White

    Item#: 02615

    You can now raise and nurture Sanrio's Gudetama (the lazy egg) in a Tamagotchi environment. Hatch and take care of Gudetama to determine which version of Gudetama you get! Give Gudetama attention, feed it soy sauce or a tomato and play games so Gudetama doesn't turn into an egg dish! But if that happens, no worries, just start again to see which Gudetama version you raise next! The shell is white with different Gudetama looks.

    - Sanrio's Gudetama (the lazy egg) can be taken care of in a Tamagotchi environment.
    - Feed, play, turn lights on/off and give Gudetama attention so you don't end up with an egg dish.
    - When Gudetama wants to play, play a game where you guess where Gudetama is hiding!
    - Shell is white with four different Gudetama looks.
    - Raise your Gudetama from Baby Gudetama to 8 different Gudetama versions to 20 kinds of egg dishes.
    - Comes with 1 Gudetama Tamagotchi on a chain to take with you everywhere!
    - Batteries (2x LR44) included
    - For Ages 15+

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