Hello Kitty x Kipling Classic Stripes Matta Backpack

Item#: 617415

Our favorite pattern with our favorite girl. This nautical striped print pairs well with all your go-to basics. The Matta backpack is perfect for everything from weekend day-trips to carrying your things to and from the office. 

Originating in 1987, Kipling has grown into one of the most beloved accessory brands worldwide. Headquartered in NYC with designs from Antwerp, Belgium, Kipling has now joined forces with the cuteness of Hello Kitty!


♡ 100% recycled interior lining

♡ 11.25" x 11.75" x 4.75"

♡ Adjustable padded straps

♡ Two side zipper pockets

♡ Multiple pockets

♡ Hello Kitty x Kipling Keychain