Hello Kitty x The Crème Shop Nail Decal + Polish Set (Classic)

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Instantly give your nails a magical makeover with the help of Hello Kitty! This set includes 50 easy-to-apply decals that are the perfect addition to any manicure, plus a clear nail polish infused with Calcium and Protein to help set and seal them into place.

The Crème Shop is a K-beauty brand with a long heritage of over 45 years! With their effective formulas and cute packaging, they've amassed a loyal following.

♡ Clear polish infused with Calcium & Protein

♡ Includes 5 easy-to-apply decals

♡ Long-lasting


  • Wash hands with soap and water
  • Once dry, paint your nails with your favorite base color
  • Peel decal off of clear film and apply to your nail
  • Add top coat to seal and allow to dry