Kirimichan Zipper Pouch (10th Anniversary Series)

Item#: 253529

Debuting in 2013, our resident salmon cutie, Kirimichan was born with the desire that once she’s cut into a fillet, she will thoroughly enjoy it. Today, along with her many friends, she is a partner at the table, waiting for them to enjoy the delicious food. Ps, the first day she became a fillet: was August 31st (even though it was Japan’s official Vegetable Day!).

Daily essentials stay organized in the most adorable zipper pouch we’ve ever featured! Keep pencils, small objects or even makeup. The cute salmon shape and contrasting shimmer of her “scales” is surely a piece you’ll want to cherish!

♡ Shiny sheen texture 

♡ Embroidered accents

♡ Zipper closure, contrasting lining

♡ Approx. 8 x 3”