Marron Cream Deluxe Plush Set (Petit Marron Cream Series)

Item#: 485365

“Mama made me a doll that looks just like me.” A sweet series featuring pretty florals, a mini “me” and the wonderful Marron Cream!

The ultimate plush set for a big Marron Cream fan! Boxed and irresistibly cute, this playset comes with a “mini-me” plushie, baby bassinet, pillow, and blankie!

♡ Poly material

♡ Floral motifs, ribbon accents

♡ Embroidered and applique details

♡ Marron Cream approx. 9”

♡ Petit Marron Cream approx. 6”

♡ Package approx. 14 x 6 x 10”

*Note: Suitable for ages 3 and up, under supervision. Clothing is not removable