Mewkledreamy Belt Clip Pouch (Lilac Gingham Series)

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If you love keeping a few things close by, but can't be bothered with carrying a bag everywhere, this clip-on pouch might be the perfect thing. It has two clips on the back to securely attach to your belt or waist band. With a velcro closure, the interior has two pockets for keeping your face mask, some cash, lip balm, or whatever!

The Lilac Gingham Series features Mewkledreamy and her kitten friend, Chia, who she treats like her little sister. Surrounded by star-shaped gemstones, it's also accented with a cute gingham print.

♡ Part of the Sparkling Stone Series

‚ô° Two interior pockets, velcro closure

‚ô° Two removable clasps on the back

‚ô° 5.25" x 4.5"