My Melody Kigurumi Onesie (Tall Size)

Item#: 903167

Whether you wear them for Halloween, a Sanrio-themed sleepover—or any old regular evening!—these kigurumi onesies are sure to keep you cute and cozy. Designed with super-soft fleece, it's like being bundled in your favorite blanket. With character detailing on the hood, a tail, and signature pocket, it's everything you never knew you needed!

♡ OS Measurements XL (Tall)

♡ Unisex fit

♡ Button closure

♡ Embroidered pocket

♡ 100% Polyester

*Note: One size fits most. Kigurumi onesies are generally oversized. If you're taller than 6 feet, the wrist and ankle cuffs might not make it all the way to your wrists and ankles. XL Kigurumi are designed to fit people over 6 feet tall. The Regular size is best if you're under 6 feet tall.