Sanrio Friends Art Print by DABS MYLA: Spray Can

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Sanrio Friends Art Print by DABS MYLA: Spray Can

Own a limited edition, signed and numbered print from urban artists Dabs Myla.

Australian natives Dabs and Myla are a dynamic duo who have lived, worked and soaked in the sun of Los Angeles since 2009. Dabs started painting graffiti in 1995, and began teaching Myla the ropes of writing about ten years later, after they met while studying illustration in art school and fell in love. Soon afterward, they decided they liked their collaborative pieces better than their individual work, and from that point on, they worked together exclusively, as Dabs Myla. Inspired by graffiti, food, travel and their wonderful chaotic life together as a couple, their paintings play Dabs’ mischievous and sometimes ribald characters off Myla’s photo realistic cityscapes.

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Product Details:

- Title: Hello Kitty & Friends Spray Cans
- Size: 24x18
- Edition of 60
- Silk Screen Print
- Signed and numbered by DABS MYLA
- Printed on 80# Somerset Stock

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