The Crème Shop x Hello Kitty Y2K Bling Bling Plush Spa Headband

Item#: 698989

Turn back the clocks and let's step into a time warp — The Crème Shop x Hello Kitty Y2K collection has arrived! Wash your face without washing your hair! A super soft, plush headband that holds your hair back and keeps it in place. The Crème Shop x Hello Kitty’s signature spa plush headband provides maximum comfort. Use at home, at a spa, or at your BFF's!

The Crème Shop is a K-beauty brand with a long heritage of over 45 years! With their effective formulas and cute packaging, they've amassed a loyal following.

♡ Super soft, plush teddy bear texture

♡ Perfect for home or spa use, easy to clean

♡ Provides maximum comfort while applying makeup or skincare