Aquarius Season

    Hello Friends, it’s officially Aquarius season!

    (January 20th to February 18th)

    Aquarians are energetic and dedicated to making the world a better place. Aquarians are straight forward friends who simply tell it how it is. They love dreaming big and manifesting their goals. They also love a good work life balance and value loyal friendships above all.

    Let’s learn more about our fellow Aquarian friends!

    Aquarius strengths:

    Values friendship, good listener, independent, and is the ultimate humanitarian.

    Aquarius likes:

    Socializing, Self-care, daydreaming, and enjoys surprises.


    Here are some small gifts we think your Aquarian friends would love:


    My Melody Sheer Shopping Bag

    Be gone, plastic bags! This tote bag is perfect for everyday errands, groceries, and so much more.


    Aggretsuko Spiral Notebook 

    A notebook perfect for writing down your innovative ideas!


    Hello Kitty x Starface Pore Strips

    Hello Kitty x The Creme Shop Bath Bombs

    We know you love your alone time- take a break and treat yourself with these beauty products!


    Notable Sanrio Aquarians:

    Tiny Poem- January 21st


    Eddy- January 25th


    Chibimaru- February 2nd


    Patty- February 5th


    Amelie (Jewelpet)- February 9th