Cinnamoroll Pop-Up Café

Today we’re in for a special treat! Our guest blogger, Shirley Wong, also known as Little Miss Bento, shares her behind-the-scenes experience as the food stylist & menu consultant at the Cinnamoroll Pop-Up Café in Singapore.

This year just gets more exciting as I got another chance to work on Sanrio’s new character theme cafe. 

After the opening of the highlighted anticipated Gudetama Café in Singapore (stay tuned for more about that on the Sweet Happy News), a project that I worked on late last year, Sanrio’s beloved Japanese character, Cinnamoroll floated into Singapore and landing at Kumoya, for a special limited time pop-up café collaboration from May 17, 2017 to August 13, 2017.

Working on this project was like going down the memory lane when I first laid my eyes on the Cinnamoroll as a student, a white puppy with long ears, blue eyes, pink cheeks, and a plump and curly tail that resembles a cinnamon roll. He even flies!

So, of course, it was a yes when I was approached by Kumoya, Singapore’s first Halal-certified Japanese-French café to work on this pop-up cafe collaboration to mark Cinnamoroll’s 15th anniversary. 

From May 17th to August 13th, the cafe was transformed into a Cinnamoroll theme wonderland, with a specially commissioned Cinnamoroll theme décor that served delicious special limited-time menu. 

In curating and styling of the food, together with the kitchen team at Kumoya, we wanted to have a lean but varied menu that would include a strong Cinnamoroll theme. 

I also added little details like the cloud designs, hearts decorations to brighten up the plates. 



Even the drinks would be more than just the regular latte or tea, but a whole aesthetically charming experience of fluffy candy floss paired with selected drinks. 





Thank you so much for sharing, Shirley! If you’d like to see more fun from Little Miss Bento, be sure to check her blog, and to follow her on Instagram and her other social media accounts.


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