Cinnamoroll's Sweet Treats Party

To celebrate our cute, shy but very friendly Friend of The Month Cinnamoroll, we put together some supercute party supplies that you can print out at home to create a "Cinnamoroll Sweet Treats Party" for yourself or share with friends and host a virtual sweets party!
(Click to download each)
  • Scissors
  • Toothpick
  • Tape
  • Garland *optional*

Cinnamoroll Cut-Out Decoration:
The possibilities are endless with the Cinnamoroll cut-out decoration. Just print a couple out and string them up to make an amazing garland! For the one pictured here, we used a ready made tinsel garland and taped the Cinnamoroll face cut out on the garland. 
SWEET IDEA: You can even use this decoration to make an awesome headband! Just cut a band of paper so that it is long enough to fit around a person’s head and attach the Cinnamoroll cut-out to the front. Wrap the rest of the paper around until it fits and secure it with some tape!

Cinnamoroll Beverage Sleeve
Decorate your cups with the Cinnamoroll cup sleeves! The downloadable sleeve template fits any standard 12-ounce cup; just print, cut and wrap your cup with cuteness! 
Cinnamoroll Cupcake Wrappers & Toppers
What's a sweet treats party without cupcakes? These cupcake wrappers and toppers are a wonderful way to add a touch of Cinnamoroll to your treats! 

And remember to get creative and have a sweet time! 
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