Gudetama Sushi Rolls

    June 18th is International Sushi Day, and we’re celebrating the occasion with ultra adorable Gudetama sushi rolls! 
    Naturally colored a rich Gudetama-yellow with the help of turmeric, these sushi rolls are jam-packed with a trio of pan-fried spam, tamagoyaki, and fresh tomatoes. Trust me, if you can make regular sushi, then you can 100% make Gudetama sushi! They’re perfect to gobble up for breakfast, lunch, or dinner (because, let’s face it, any time is a good time for sushi).
    To really take these over the top, I made a sushi “stack” and placed a bacon “blanket” on top, complete with little Gudetama hands holding on tight. I know… it’s possibly too cute to eat. But it’s International Sushi Day… you have no other choice!
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    • 2 cups warm, fully cooked sushi rice
    • 2 sheets nori seaweed
    • ½ teaspoon turmeric powder
    • Your choice of sushi fillings (I used tamagoyaki + fried spam + tomato)
    • 1 yellow egg sheet (get the recipe HERE) (optional)
    • Cooked bacon slices (optional)
    Recommended Tools:
    • Multi-purpose nori punch
    • Bamboo sushi rolling mat
    • Plastic wrap
    • Scissors (sanitized for use with food)
    Make the Decorations:
    1.     Take the sheets of nori seaweed and, using clean scissors, cut them so they measure approximately 18 cm x 10 cm. Reserve the scrap pieces of nori for the next step.
    Create a Gudetama face from nori seaweed using a multi-purpose nori punch. If needed, use a small, clean pair of scissors to further cut the nori pieces into Gudetama shaped eyes and a mouth. TIP: To more easily recreate Gudetama’s open mouth look, combine two pieces of nori together (one for the top of the mouth, another for the bottom) to create one seamless open mouth.