Hello Friend: Q&A with Alice McDonald from Nike

Hello Friends! Join us in celebrating the launch of the Air Presto Hello Kitty collection with a Q&A from Alice! Let's learn more about our new friend and this amazing collection:

Hello Friend, Can you share a little about yourself and what you do at Nike?

I’m Alice and I am a material designer for footwear at Nike.

When did you first get introduced to Sanrio and do you have a favorite character?

Sanrio has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I was raised between the U.S and Japan and lived not too far from Sanrio Puroland in Tokyo. Some of my fondest memories were made there, where my imagination could become a reality. I was always a Keroppi fan but also how could you not love Gudetama?


What was the inspiration behind the Air Presto Hello Kitty design?

Like Nike, Hello Kitty is it’s own culture and world. Once you’re a part of it, it will always be a part of you. We wanted the design details to feel like it could bring you into that world every time you open the box and put it on your foot. From the plush lining to the nostalgic colors its more than a shoe but an experience in itself.

We love the attention to detail with this design, can you share your favorite detail of the shoe?

I love the element of surprise with Hello Kitty’s face on the heel. You could never scuff someone’s shoes with those on!

The apparel pieces are super cute, what’s your favorite item from the collection?

It’s a hard pick but I love the Nike Air Hello Kitty T-shirt. It’s fun to see these two iconic logos paired together in a bold and playful way.

As a Nike designer, what drives you creatively when you are ideating new designs?
I believe the most powerful designs allow someone to feel a part of a unique story or an experience. I always try to connect with an idea from the heart so I can best represent it in a genuine way. Sharing stories and bringing them to life not only spark creativity but build a sense of community around it. Whether it’s traveling or going to an art gallery it’s a truly special and refreshing experience to get a glimpse of the world through someone else’s eyes.

Any advice for young future Nike designers?
Always remember your story but also that you are the author of it. The most genuine and true things you can bring to a design is yourself. I think it’s equally important to listen – listen to the stories around you. It’s during those moments of sharing and exchange where true magic happens.

Thank you for sharing, Alice!

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