Hello Kitty and Friends Candy Gram Bouquet

Hello Friends! With Valentines Day around the corner, we wanted to share a fun and easy craft that you can make at home. For Valentine’s Day we created a FREE Sanrio Candy Gram download which you can print and add a lollipop for a sweet treat to gift a friend. For an added element of sweetness, you can follow along with this craft to create a Hello Kitty and friends candy gram bouquet. This would be the perfect sweet treat for a friend or special Valentine of your choice.

Grab your crafting supplies and check out this fun way to present your Hello Kitty and friends candy grams. 

Hello Kitty and Friends Candy Gram Bouquet 




1. Print and cut out the downloadable Hello Kitty and Friends candy grams on cardstock paper.

2. Add in the lollipops for each candy gram and add stem wire to each. Use 6 inches of stem wire and curl on securely to the bottom of the lollipop stick.

3. Cut bottom of the foam cone by 1.5 inches. The cut tissue paper in half and use two different types of tissue paper (color and pattern) to add color and dimension.

4. Once all items are cut and set. Start adding the lollipop grams with stem wire to the cone.

5. Add tissue paper around the foam cone to cover the foam cone and use clear tape to secure. Then add ribbon.

6. Add foam stickers to cover up the stem wire. Add in flowers for finishing touches.

7. Gift to a friend or Valentine of your choice!

Happy Valentine’s Day!