Hello Libra Season

It’s officially Libra season! (September 23 to October 22)

Libras are peaceful, fair, and love to be surrounded by friends. Libras are often the peacemakers, making sure conflicts are resolved and everyone is getting along.

Let’s learn more about our Libra friends!

Libra Strengths:

 Charming, gracious, fair-minded, social

Libra Likes:

Harmony, gentleness, being with friends, the outdoors

Here are some supercute gifts we think your Libra friends would love:

Hello Kitty and Friends x Baggu Puffy Lunch Bag

Libras love the outdoors- treat your Libra BFF with a supercute picnic and pack some sweet snacks in this lunch bag!

Hello Kitty x The Crème Shop Bath Bomb Duo (Rose & Strawberry Milk)

Libras love to share! Give them their own special self care day with these soothing bath bombs!

Hello Kitty and Friends x Sonix Supercute Stickers iPhone Case

With such charming charisma, Libras are always at social events! This phone case is the perfect encapsulation of Libra’s outgoing personality!

Notable Libra Sanrio friends:

Darkgrapeman - 9/23

Azuki (from Cinnamo Angels) 9/25

Panna Pitta - 10/7

Puchi Puchi Wanko - 10/15

Chocopanda - 10/18