Hello Scorpio Season

It’s finally Scorpio season! (October 23 - November 21)

Scorpios are unique in their passion, and determination. They are great leaders and trendsetters! Scorpios are also loyal and great friends who will always hold onto your secrets.

Let’s learn more about our Scorpio friends!

Scorpio Strengths:

Trendsetter, brave, passionate, thoughtful and a true friend

Scorpio Likes:

Honesty, exercising, close group of friends, and excelling in their passions and career.

Here are some supercute gifts we think your Scorpio friends would love:

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Notable Scorpio Sanrio friends:

Tiny Chum (10/27)

Kuromi (10/31)

Charmmy Kitty (10/31)

Hello Kitty (11/1)

Aggretsuko (11/6)

Coro chan (11/8)

Robowan (11/11)